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Ham Radio Outlet is proud to announce these new products. You can find these new products online or at any of our HRO locations. We are constantly adding new products to our inventory so check back often to see what's new or follow us on Twitter as we announce new products.


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FTM-100DR C4FM/FM Analog 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver

The FTM-100DR’s Dot-Matrix Display and Single Receiver design make it the ideal radio for both entry level and advanced Digital Radio enthusiasts.

The newly designed and compact front display includes a vibrant and highly visible White-LED backlit display (160x40 Full Dot Matrix) and a bright multi-colored Mode/Status Indicator to visibly and clearly inform the operator of the current state of the transceiver. The multi-colored Mode/Status Indicator on the display faceplate indicates what mode the radio is in by changing from Green (Receive Analog) to Blue (Receive Digital) when receiving a signal.

The FTM-100DR utilizes Yaesu’s revolutionary Automatic Mode Select (AMS), as well as a full suite of C4FM Digital and FM Analog features. AMS instantly recognizes whether a transmission is analog or digital and appropriately switches the transceiver operating mode to allow flawless co-existence of both analog and digital communication.

In addition to Automatic Mode Select, the FTM-100DR also incorporates a wide range of System Fusion and analog features, making it an ideal communication product that fits every Amateur Radio Operator’s needs. The FTM-100DR transceiver includes the following state of the art features: Smart Navigation, Digital Group Monitor (GM) featuring telemetry data and ID transmission, a full featured 1200/9600bps APRS system, built-in high sensitivity 66 channel GPS with Antenna, GPS logging/recording, microSD card slot (for programming and data storage), and Bluetooth hands-free operation. Quick and easy Firmware updates add value and create a unique operating experience by allowing manufacturer upgrades, modifications and additions to software based radio features at no additional cost.

Supplied with*:
MH-48A6JA DTMF mic
MMB-36 Mobile Bracket
SCU-20 PC connection cable
DC power cable, mic hanger, and manual


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HRO is pleased to announce the the new and advanced FT2DR C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver.

This exciting leading edge Transceiver is designed with ease of use in mind now packing an oversized back-lit touch panel display. At 1.7-inches the high resolution touch screen display provides loads of information through an easily navigable interface, providing stress-free operability and a high level of on-screen visibility for the FT2DR operator.

The FT2DR also is equipped with Yaesu’s versatile AMS (Automatic Mode Select) capability providing FM friendly digital communications that instantly recognizes either digital or FM analog communication and enables co-existance between the various modes. In addition, We have also included standard System Fusion features in the FT2DR to make it an ideal digital communication product for all Amateur Radio operators, such as (but not limited to): Snapshot with image data transmitting (requires MH-85A11U), Smart Navigation, Digital Group Monitor (GM) featuring position data and ID data transmitting during transmissions, and full support for the new and robust WiRES-X System.

The advanced FT2DR is loaded with various new features including: 700 mW of clear loud audio, Built-in High Sensitivity 66 ch GPS with antenna, 1200 bps / 9600 bps APRS® function, Dual watch (V/V, U/U/, V/U), Dual Monitor (C4FM Digital/C4FM Digital), GPS Logging/Recording capabilities, Water resistant (IPX5 Rating), microSD Card Slot, 2200mAh high capacity Li-Ion battery and Battery charger included as a standard supplied accessory.

We believe that the FT2DR Transceiver is one of the most important contributions to the System Fusion product line in – it is clear evidence of our determinded intent to constantly keep abreast of enhancing technology to bring to the System Fusion product line long into the future.

ICOM   IC-7851

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This unit is not currently priced by ICOM at this time.

HF/50MHz Transceiver - The Pinnacle of HF Perfection

1.2kHz "Optimum" roofing filter

The IC-7851 utilizes a newly developed 1.2kHz roofing filter, greatly improving the in-band adjacent signal performance. This enhancement enables the up-conversion design of the IC-7851 to have excellent filter performance while providing a dynamic range that outperforms the competition in the 10kHz or less separation tests.

New local oscillator design

Breaking tradition, Icom employs a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) along with a Phase Locked Oscillator for the IC-7851’s Local Oscillator (LO). The LO's C/N ratio excels beyond our competitors, and the noise components generated in both receive and transmit signals are reduced virtually below detection.

LO C/N Characteristics Comparisons 1st LO @ 14.1MHz

Brand A premium model

Brand B premium model



Improved phase noise

With the latest design of the LO, the IC-7851 will become the new benchmark for Phase Noise with –150dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and –140dBc/Hz even at 1kHz offset. (Previous mark of Phase Noise excellence was –138dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and –110dBc/Hz at 1kHz offset.)

Phase Noise Characteristics 1st LO @ 14.1MHz

Brand A premium model

Improved spectrum scope

By using the dedicated DSP for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum scope, the IC-7851 provides faster sweep speeds and better accuracy than other brand models, even the IC-7800.

Span Width 5kHz–1000kHz
Resolution *1 1 dot *3
Sweep Speed 29.3 samples/Sec *4
Input Dynamic Range 116dB *5
Max. Sensitivity *2 –39dBµ *5

*1 Number of dots shown at 60dB level, when receiving a signal
*2 Recognized level at the Spectrum Waterfall
*3 SPAN=More than 20kHz, SPEED=Slow
*4 SPAN=Less than 20kHz, SPEED=Fast
*5 SPAN=5kHz, SPEED=Slow

Dual scope function

Another scope enhancement in the IC-7851 is the ability to simultaneously “see” activity in both bands. This is useful when searching for multipliers on the Sub band while maintaining your operating frequency on the Main band.

Photo below depicts dual scope example (vertically aligned)

Enhanced mouse operation for the spectrum scope

Connect a mouse to the USB port to change the operating frequency, tune the frequency, switch Fixed and Center mode, adjust the sweep speed and more. Also, simply click on a signal on the scope and the frequency is automatically selected as your operating frequency.

Photo to the right depicts specturm waterfall.

Other outstanding features

  • Simplified RS-BA1 Remote Control
  • Supports PSK63 as well as PSK31
  • SD card slot for voice and data storage
  • USB, Ethernet and S/P DIF Interfaces
  • Enhanced Digital Voice Recorder
  • Comfortable solid feel main dial
  • Firmware updates can be made from an SD card or USB flash drive